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Stone Chimp
Stone Chimp

Genre: Rock / Alternative / Prog

Based in: Brisbane, QLD

Jon Holweg - Vocals
Zac Betts - Guitar
Steve Nichols - Drums
Simon Fehlberg - Bass
Kev Lemming - Guitar

Years active:

Cleaner Demeanour (2012)

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Stone Chimp


Stone Chimp formed in 2010 when Jon Zac and Steve got together to write a few tracks and hang out, it quickly turned into a full time passion for the boys after self recording, producing and releasing an EP in early 2011, the boys quickly set out attacking the local Brisbane clubs with their unique brand of rock and crazy live show.
Putting in over 20 gigs in Brisbane and south east QLD in 2011 has the chimps put together an impressive resume of shows and supports already, with their debut album set to drop in march 2012, the rock scene is set for a new breed of chimp!


Stone Chimp

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Chimpin Across America USA Tour August 2014<br>Stone Chimp