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Stone Lotus
Stone Lotus

Genre: Southern Doom

Based in: Donnybrook / Bunbury , WA

Dave - Vocals & Guitar
Sam - Bass
Reece - Drums

Years active:

Comastone (2017)
Stone Lotus EP (2014)

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Stone Lotus


Stone Lotus are a three piece manifest of fuzzed out doom and southern riffs, spine tearing vocals, heavy sludge laden bass and... an almost primitive percussion that ensures Stone Lotus are the purveyors of filth in the South West!

Newly released and long awaited debut album "Comastone" follow up to their 2014 self titled EP, Stone Lotus's sound has matured into a lumbering mass of down tuned riffs and fuzz fuelled chaos!
All recording, production, equipment, artwork and design kept proudly West Australian.

Supported and played along side local and national acts such as The Devil Rides Out, BAYOU, Chainsaw Hookers, Yanomamo (NSW), Scalphunter, King Parrot (VIC), Gay Paris (NSW), Coffin Wolf (VIC), The Rumjacks (NSW), Wolfpack (VIC), Colossvs (VIC), Ganbaru (VIC), PUCK, Sludge Bucket, Blackwitch, Septillion, One Of None, Beerfridge, Nucleust, Medusa's Gaze, Scyatic, Bury The Heard, Ocean Drive, TRS, Ohm Rune, Iron Spider, Them Sharks, Snake Reviver, Colour Control, Legs Electric, Blazin' Entrails, Let's Kill Uncle, Alignhate, Kimura and many more...

Also supported international heavy weight giants such as Jucifer (USA) and Black Cobra (USA).

"The first thing I’ve gotta say is that this is absolute Down worship!
Some parts scream Black Sabbath, while others sound like classic NOLA sludge. Stone Lotus manage to very effectively carve out their own sound, infusing it with respect for the masters." - Doomed & Stoned 2014

"Comastone is a feral rager of a record, taking us down dark corridors and into forbidden landscapes, a story Stone Lotus brings to life with ingenuity and tightly honed musicianship." - Doomed & Stoned 2017


Stone Lotus Stone Lotus
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