Strict Vincent
Strict Vincent

Genre: Melodic Death Metal / Mathcore

Based in: Melbourne, VIC

Aramis - Drums
Ben - Vokill's
Macca - Guitar
Mat - Bass
Hayden - Guitar

Years active:

All that is, occupies now 2013

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Strict Vincent

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Strict Vincent is a cult, led by a charismatic yet stern messiah known as Vincent. Members of this cult are required to abandon the physical realm and dehumanize themselves. Methods for the dehumanization process include adopting the name of Vincent as there surname, partaking in mind altering drug experimentation and communal living .

The dehumanised 'Vincent' is by no means Sub-human in anyway, rather, once complete 'Vincent-dom' is achieved, subjects actually report having new found abilities, both psychic and physical. Possession of such extraordinary attributes, suggest members of this cult are a level above base human beings making them superhumanoids or, as they are affectionately known within the cult, Ultra Vincentoids.

Cosmic beams are transmitted (from ancient extra dimensional deities) directly to their pineal glands. Strict Vincent family members are able to articulate, in the form of music, sacred messages received from the high rulers of the Ultra plane. Resulting in songs created by the gods themselves, which are actually aliens, otherwise known as greys.

As they are only here for a short time, It is vital for mankind to listen to (and buy) everything Strict Vincent releases, failure to do so will result in an extinction level catastrophe.

So you have two choices listen to Strict Vincent or burn in the nuclear storm while the boys smoke cones safely aboard theirMother-ship heading home for Zeta Reticuli, satisfied in the knowledge they did all they could.

What do you choose?


Strict Vincent


All That Is, Occupies Now 2013

All That Is, Occupies Now

All That Is Occupies Now is the latest album by the band Strict Vincent. This is an album that took a few listens to not only unlock the complexity and cleverness but also for it to grow on me. But ... read

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Strict Vincent Live

THE SHIFT | Imperilment Debut EP Australian Tour | Melbourne