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Genre: Hard Rock

Based in: Cairns, QLD

Col McDonald - Vocals
Leigh Jeffries - Guitar
Tim Johns - Drums
Jarrod Costa Bass
Andrew Hill - Guitar

Years active:

Demo (2012)

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With the ferocity of a nuclear attack, the subtlety of a sledgehammer and the aggression of a Spartan soldier. Sworf are a must see and hear for anyone into their Hard rock / Metal.With the relentless, Unbridled passion of a newborn child, yet still to be tainted by the outside world. Sworf are a mixture of enthusiasm & hard rocking youthful exhuberance that will leave you breathless and yearning for more.
Forming as a four piece in Cairns May 2012, Sworf quickly released their 6 track (Demo EP) which was proudly recorded by their very own Leigh (DR SWORF) Jeffries, with very little equipment but still got a great response. In their first year they won the Far North heat for the Global Battle of the bands, and got to travel to Sydney to rub shoulders with Australia's best unsigned bands.
The experiences of this led them to return to the local scene with renewed confidence, commitment and was the cornerstone of their new found ambition to make their mark on the national music scene.

Then releasing a video in 2013 For their single 'Cracking Ice' which on the album was, 'Cracking Ice' A hard rocking anthem & 'Let me Go' a power ballad Featuring Ray-Lee (Local Acoustic Legend). Both songs were recorded at Pegasus Studios in Cairns.

Far from resting...Sworf enterd 2014 intent on continuing their path of Hard Rock domination. then supporting All girl (sisters) Stonefield at the Cairns Post Hit Awards, also Brisbane Metal band Chronolyth & Melbourne Band Calling All Cars.Next up for Sworf is the launch of the bands own spin on Billy Idols 'White Wedding' Which will be launched at The Jack on 23rd of May.With a new bass player, 2nd guitarist and a new sponsor from 'Obsession Ink' 2014 is the year Sworf will be coming at you from every direction. Strap yourself in & enjoy the ride!
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Evolve Dissolve Australian Tour April 2016