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Genre: Thrash / Death Metal

Based in: Sydney, NSW

Larry - Guitars & Vocals
Triz - Drums
Travis - Guitars
Elliot - Bass

Years active:

Flood The Earth EP (2015)
Terrorential Demo (2013)

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TERRORENTIAL was formed when the collision of two high school mates met on their lunch break in their high school's music room. With Triza on the drums and Larry on guitar, this was was the point of impact. From this point they continued to jam on covers from their influences such as Pantera & Metallica, but inspired to do more than just jam out various Metal covers as a two piece holding on to every opportunity they could get.

A few years after completing High School and Tafe certificates, they reformed and continued to jam covers & begun working on originals which formed into the basis of some of the originals you hear today. At this point it was decided to move forward and obtain a full line-up, start a band and create metal that will not only kick ass, but take names and last through the ages.

In 2010, ads were put out and Shamooshka answered the call for the second guitarist needed to start TERRORENTIAL's reign!

At this time, Triz and Larry created the band name "TERRORENTIAL" sourced from their previous endeavours as a two-piece band named, "TORRENTIAL NOIZE".

TERRORENTIAL played for the first time at a birthday gig but first stood foot on stage to play live on the 9th of September 2010 as openers at the Lewisham Livehouse. Although without a bass guitarist, the shows were great and powerful. Soon after their first show TERRORENTIAL were contacted by James Buckingham, a bass guitarist, he was auditioned and for the first time, they played as a full line up. A demo was recorded and they continued to perform at various venues before headlining an Australia Day gig at St.Marys.

Troubles with the bass guitarist position left TERRORENTIAL bassless until 2012 when Dan "The Bass Man" Norman joined. Everything fell into place and at this point, there was nothing stopping the reign of TERROR!

TERRORENTIAL shredded at many great gigs as openers, headliners and everything in between. Placing 1st at 2 of the 3 shows for the Burgess Bookings Band Comp held in their local area at the Collingwood Hotel.This earned them the right to melt faces at the Hard Rock Cafe in Sydney, a fun filled gig with so many memorable moments that had to be seen to be believed!

During these two years TERRORENTIAL released demo cds to be given to the people that attended their shows, a once off release. As the band began planning their first E.P., things took a turn for the worse and in early 2013, a close family member of Dan became very ill. Out of the goodness of his heart, Dan took it upon his shoulders to look after his family and was not able to perform nor rehearse with the band anymore.

TERRORENTIAL continued to play gigs during 2013 thanks to the support from all the kick-arse promoters that still put them on the bill! (BIG SHOUT OUT TO PROMOTORHEAD BOOKINGS! \m/) Without a full line up TERRORENTIAL was invited to play many gigs including the Death Fuckin' Metal gig in Newcastle & headline the Sydney 2013 Dime Tribute show to name a few.

Sadly the closer to the end of 2013 the possibility of Dan's return was decreasing and in early 2014 the toughest decision in the band's history was made to find a new bass player.

During this time, things didn't work out between Shamooshka and the band, conclusively leading to his departure in February. Larry & Triz came full circle ariving at the place they began...but this time it would be different!...

Once again ads were placed and within the first two weeks of April 2014, the call was heard with a mighty roar! With the induction of Elliot on the bass guitar and Travis on the guitar, TERRORENTIAL once again have a full line up, ready to kick the world square in the ass!!!

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Sep 7, 2013 Valve at Agincourt in Sydney, NSW
Metal Thrashing Productions first festival in the dark caves of the freshly established Valve Underground in Central's Agincourt Hotel was opened by some bluesy groovy metal - Blacksmith.

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