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The Abyss Collective
The Abyss Collective

Genre: Industrial / Alternative / Metal

Based in: Sydney, NSW

Timothy Lim-Sands - Vocals & Guitars & Programming
Ben Nicholls - Bass & Backing Vocals
jdc - Drums & Percussion

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The Abyss Collective


Combining elements of Industrial, Punk, and Metal layered with pop sensibilities, The Abyss Collective is Tim Lim-Sands (vocals, guitars & programming), Ben Nicholls (bass & backing vocals), and jdc (drums & percussion).

Formed in 2013 by Lim-Sands & Nicholls (ex-Blatherskite), early in 2014 the band was complemented by jdc (ex-Blind Munkee). Influenced by dark and emotionally intense works of music and art across a range of genres and formats, The Abyss Collective have created their own unique vision of a desolate-post-apocalyptic-noise-scape soundtrack to "The Wasteland".

Their music melds art rock with the aggression of Industrial metal alternating between slow crushing grooves and punk frenzy. These bursts of pure energy are tied together by articulated rhythms, pulsing electronics, over-the-top samples, pounding guitar tones and gut-wrenching vocals.

Current artistic and creative direction provided by longtime collaborator "Tim Burden" that will feature on a multimedia EP scheduled for release August 2015.