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The Blackened Beneath
The Blackened Beneath

Genre: Thrash Metal

Based in: Hawkesbury, NSW

Will Hert - Lead Vocals
Andy - Bass & Vocals
Kostya - Drums & Vocals
Jeremy - Lead Guitars
Bryn - Rhythm Guitars

Years active:

Limbo EP (2013)

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The Blackened Beneath

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Crawling through the ashes of other projects, The Blackened Beneath was formed by Kostya (Ex Kryzm drummer) and fellow tortured soul Bryn (Rhythm Guitars) in late 2011. Later joined Andy (Bass) and Will (Ex Arbitrary Method Vocalist) to darken the mix of brutally melodic but at points fast paced and hard hitting. 2013 brings a new era for the band with the arrival of Jeremy on Lead Guitar with his face melting solos.


The Blackened Beneath


Limbo 2013


With its cloudy minimalist cover, the album Limbo by progressive thrash metal group The Blackened Beneath has been released. Although this has thrash elements to it and has some real thrash pace to ... read