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The Loving Tongue
The Loving Tongue

Genre: Epic Hard Rock / Metal

Based in: Adelaide, SA

Jim Petkoff - Guitar & Vocals
Big Tom - Bass & Vocals
Phil Portalesi - Drums

Years active:

The Temple Of Love (2012)
Shadows Of Innocence (2009)
Distant Dreams (2003)
Sea Of Lights (1997)
Is Anyone Listening? (1995)

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The Loving Tongue

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The Loving Tongue is a hard rock/metal power house filled with passion and grace with a respect for the future and the past starting in 1994 with honey boy Jim vox/guitar, big Tom bass/vocals and Paul deeble drums the band released is anyone listenig [1995] , sea of lights[1997] which were rock/blues/funk/psychadellic before a change in direction in 1999 saw the band come to the epic rock/metal outfit sound they have been since then releasing the critically aclaimed distant dreams in 2003 which also explored proggresive and world influences to 2009s shadows of innocence with joe toscano on drums is a journey into hard rock metal played the true way and beyond,the band played americas west coast in 1999 and hard and heavy summer nights and hells pleasure festivals in europe 2007 currently the band is joined by dr Phil on drums plans are non stop touring and a return to the studio.


The Loving Tongue The Loving Tongue The Loving Tongue The Loving Tongue The Loving Tongue


Temple Of Love 2012

Temple Of Love

South Australian band The Loving Tongue and their fifth offering of hard rock/metal Temple of Love. A very honest, true sound with a strong NWOBHM influence but with their own twist to give the album ... read

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The Loving Tongue Live

Churches of Steel II - Heavy Metal Festival 2018