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The Seaford Monster
The Seaford Monster

Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Based in: Melbourne, VIC

Nick Deathtripper - Vocals
Mat Alderson - Guitar
Elliott Sansom - Drums
Adam Donnellan - Bass

Years active:

Demo 2014 (2014)
Live at '303' Live Album (2014)
Live at IDGAFF Live Album (2013)
Rehearsal (18​-​6​-​13) Demo (2013)
Slams from the Swamp Video (2011)
July Demo (2011)
The Seaford Monster Strikes Back! Demo (2009)

Social Media:
The Seaford Monster


The Seaford Monster is a 4 piece brutal death metal band located in Melbourne, Victoria. The band was originally the project name for some recordings Mat put up in 2007. Later he collected some friends together to take his music to a live platform around 2010. 

Originally a 5 piece band consisting of but due to conflicting schedules and work arrangements we changed our lineup to its current 4 piece format, somewhere's in 2011:

Nick - Vocals

Mat - Guitar

Elliott - Drums

Adam - Bass

We have some live DVD's, from our debut show, and accompanying demo CD's floating around in the bottom of some friend's music collections no doubt. At the time of writing this we are wrapping up some recordings for a demo. But you can suss out some live recordings we've made on our bandcamp and eventually the finished demo. 

To date the band has toured exclusively Victoria, but we soon aim to take our particular flavour of death metal interstate and perhaps overseas. I'm not very great with talking us up, but we like to think our live performances either impress or at least amuse. If it goes really well hopefully both.


The Seaford Monster The Seaford Monster The Seaford Monster The Seaford Monster The Seaford Monster
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