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The Stained Angels
The Stained Angels

Genre: Rock / Blues / Hard Rock

Based in: Brisbane, QLD

Chris Wenner - Lead Singer & Bass
Ryan Murr - Guitarist & Backup Vocals
Mike Harris - Drums & Backup Vocals
Josh Middleton - Bass & Backup Vocals

Years active:

The Stained Angels (2014)

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The Stained Angels


Picture if you will a raw, wild, crazy sweat-soaked rock band who enjoy nothing but going ballistic on stage for an insatiable audience. Is this a band from another time zone you might say? Nay! Is this some pretentious anti-establishment band? Double Nay!

Enter the Stained Angels - a four piece who proudly acknowledge their influences from the greats - AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Guns and Roses, Nirvana to name a few. They play hard and true - with a lot of heart and energy. The band have been gigging in as many Brisbane and Gold Coast venues they could find since September, 2013 to increasingly responsive audiences. In February, 2014, the group released 11 original songs on their first CD recording, titled "The Stained Angels" with great reviews, and is available for free internet download.

Check them out - you might just end up really liking these guys!


The Stained Angels