The Uncreation
The Uncreation

Genre: Black / Death Metal

Based in: Perth, WA

Grim - Guitars & Vocals
Lord Bane - Guitars & Vocals
Adam - Drums

Years active:

The Preparation of Eternal Magicks EP (2009)
Dreaming in R'lyeh (2006)

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The Uncreation


Blasphemy and desecration gave birth to The Uncreation in the year 2004.The Uncreation is an ever evolving beast of black/death with varied influences and complex song structures residing in the Nightmare Corpse City of Perth, Western Australia.

The Uncreation committed themselves to an intense rehearsal schedule to prepare for the live scene, quickly drawing good crowds and an underground following. Over the next two years Dreaming in R'lyeh was carefully crafted and recorded as the debut album release, of which every song received airplay, appeared on several compilation releases and some songs were even played on national radio (JJJ).

Dreaming in R'lyeh is a working combination of black/death ritual art w/elements of thrash, doom and horror interwoven by classical music and acoustic interludes in foul and obtuse minor keys.

The Preparation of Eternal Magicks (EP) was released in 2009 after more live shows and a change from drummer Chaos. The Preparation of Eternal Magicks caught many fans by surprise with a sudden turn toward a far more violent black metal sound.

2010 saw the addition of drummer Adam F, who has brought an unprecedented level of violence and intensity to the sound of The Uncreation. 2010 also saw the loss of the original bassist Blitz.

The Uncreation is currently in the studio recording their 3rd official release 'Stimulus Response Theory' (EP). This brutal two track attack will demonstrate yet another aspect of the band musically, lyrically and in the artwork. 'Stimulus Response Theory' (EP) is due for release in early 2014.

Song writing and pre-production nears completion for the 2nd full length album by The Uncreation and will be released in due time. Long- time fans have come to expect a different sound with every release and this and this album will be no exception.

Ia Xul! Ia Xul! The Uncreation is coming...


The Uncreation The Uncreation
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