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Til Rapture
Til Rapture

Genre: Melodic Death / Thrash Metal

Based in: Sydney, NSW

Steve Huch - Lead Guitar
Dean Sheridan - Rhythm Guitar
Shane Robinson - Bass
Darren Goulding - Vocals
Tom Doy - Drums

Years active:

Dead World Colony (2014)
Til Rapture Demo (2013)

Social Media:
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Til Rapture


Til Rapture, hailing from Sydney, is a band not restricted by any sub genres or trends. We instead strive to push the limits of our own creative ability and musicianship, and create music that holds powerful meaning, and which exceeds our own expectations.

The band's music is an explosive blend of melodic death metal and thrash, full of substance and feeling, with songs that capture catchy, aggressive, melodic hooks and contagious grooves.

2012 was an exciting year for Til Rapture. We launched our live show debut, and had the privilege of playing the annual Dime Tribute night at the Bald Face Stag, and Venom nightclub. In 2013, we have continued to build our reputation in the Australian metal scene and have participated in a number of quality bills, including Bangers and Thrash at the Valve Bar with Inslain and Mason. 2013 has also seen the band commence work on our first full length album. It is in the final stages of completion and should be available early next year.

Til Rapture's lineup consists of Darren Goulding on lead vocals, dual lead guitarists Steve Huch and Nick Vassilev, Dean Sheridan on bass, and Tom Doy on drums and backing vocals. We have maintained a stable lineup for some time now, and have developed a very strong level of band chemistry, which is evident in our onstage presence.


Til Rapture Til Rapture


Bangers And Thrash

Sep 7, 2013 Valve at Agincourt in Sydney, NSW
Metal Thrashing Productions first festival in the dark caves of the freshly established Valve Underground in Central's Agincourt Hotel was opened by some bluesy groovy metal - Blacksmith.

They ... read