Genre: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal

Based in: Hobart, TAS

Neil Steel - Vocals
Adrian Scott - Guitars
Michael Adkins - Guitars
Justin 'TED' Everett - Bass
James Shelverton - Drums

Years active:

Never Too Loud (1984-2014 Thirty Year Anniversary Edition) 2CD (2015)
"30 Years of Thunder & Steel" (2014)
Save The Devil Special Edition (2012)
Save The Devil (2011)
Live Bootleg Live ( 2005)
Thunder Down Under (2003)
Freaks Of Nature (2000)
Never Too Loud EP (1984)

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TYRANT features an 'All Star' line up which made it's debut @ the Brisbane Hotel, Hobart - August 19, 2011. The new line up comprises of Tasmania's finest hard rock/metal musicians - Michael Adkins, Adrian Scott, Ted Tedington and James Shelverton join original singer, Neil Steel from bands - Roadkill, Rogue Sharks, Hammerhead and Solar Thorn!

TYRANT is influenced by countless hard rock/heavy metal acts from Australia and Overseas from the 70's, 80's through to today's traditional metal acts. TYRANT has played shows all over Tasmania, including the Hobart City Hall and at various Australian 'iconic' venues including: The Manzil Room, Kardome Cafe, Springfields, The Iron Dukel, Oxford Hotel, Seven Hills Hotel - as well as head-lining the first ever "Metal Crusade"- along with Bengal Tigers, Shy Thunder, Statez and Vice, in 1985 at Selina's, Coogee Bay (Sydney) before 1800 metal maniacs!

Over the years TYRANT has shared the stage with numerous hard rock/metal acts including: Tim Ripper Owens, Rose Tattoo, Bengal Tigers, Mortal Sin, Dungeon, Escape, Pete Wells Band, Surrender, Shy Thunder, Virgin Soldiers, Amaria, Boss, Assassin, Fuzzy Zellas, Random Order, Gape, Taberah, Lady Crimson and The Radiators - to name a few. More recently TYRANT has played a number of shows at Brisbane Hotel, the Republic Bar and at the DEC (Derwent Entertainment Centre) in Hobart.

The bands' debut EP, "Never Too Loud" - topped the Hobart metal charts and reached number 7 in Melbourne. TYRANT have released six self-financed products to date: 'Never Too Loud', 'Freaks Of Nature', 'Thunder Down Under', 'Live Bootleg' 'Save The Devil' and the new, 'Save The Devil : Special Edition'!

"Save The Devil" was recorded at Izaneer studios in Tasmania, being engineered and produced by Brett Collidge. The CD was remixed by Michael Shelley (Roadkill, Sin & Tonics, Rogue Sharks). The new CD is dedicated to all the members who have been part of the TYRANT legacy. The 'Special Edition' of the, "Save The Devil" was released June 2012 - a number of video clips can be viewed at YouTube.com - under TYRANT (Australia) including, 'Lay Down The Law' 2012 off the latest CD.

2013 is the bands' 30th Anniversary - since forming and TYRANT will be playing numerous shows throughout the year to celebrate this milestone in our history.

TYRANT formed March 1983 in Hobart, Tasmania (Australia). Founding members: Neil 'Steel' Wilson (vocals), Andrew Zarins (guitars), Grant Wallace (guitars) Robert Zarins (drums).

We initially had a Geocities webpage - set up in 2000 but it was erased when yahoo bought them out! We then started a myspace page - which after 5 years has been frozen since new-myspace appeared in 2012! We now have a FB page which will hopefully be our official TYRANT page - that's if FB leave it alone?

Vocalist Neil Steel also shares singing duties with another Tasmanian based hard rock act, ROADKILL - who released their debut CD "God Bless America" in 2007 (which was produced by Brett Collidge). A new second ROADKILL CD titled, "Profanity & Innuendo" is due for release July, 2013!


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Save The Devil (Special Edition) 2012

Save The Devil (Special Edition)

Save The Devil by Tyrant is a very good easy to get into traditional styled heavy metal album. Upon playing this recording there is an instant comforting satisfaction about it that, you are probably ... read

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