Unknown Remorse
Unknown Remorse

Genre: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal

Based in: Adelaide, SA

Matty - Vocals
Joel - Guitar
Jamie Ramzan - Lead Guitar
Ryan - Bass
Michael - Drums

Years active:

Unknown Remorse EP (2013)

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Unknown Remorse


Unknown Remorse; setting the new foundation for Hard Rock and Heavy
metal. Advocates of multiculturalism, the music reflects a diversity
of different lyrical topics such as "being unaccepted for who you are"
too "fantasy's, reality, rejection, deception, frustration, happy, sad, love, hate ,good and evil".

Within your face music that pushes the edges of eccentricity while
always retaining the hard hitting, memorable riffs and powerful
chorus' of their musical youth. Their live shows are something not to
be missed.

Hitting the South Australian music scene at the start of 2013 with an
explosion and success not usually seen in Adelaide, Unknown Remorse
are set for a combined EP and Film clip release by mid-2013. The
several year old band, now under new management are planning their
first interstate club tour and are expected to soon be seen as
regulars on local and national festivals.

As Frank Zappa said, "Music is always a commentary on society". I
concur with this as I believe Unknown Remorse is the voice in music
that people have been waiting for since the start of the decade.


Unknown Remorse