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Visions Of Desolation
Visions Of Desolation

Genre: Sludge /Doom / Black Metal

Based in: Melbourne, VIC

Byron (Munky) - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drum & Pragramming

Years active:

Suffocate the Mind EP (2015)
Dire Memories 2010-2013 (2013)

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Visions Of Desolation


From the dirtiest of swamps in Melbourne comes Visions Of Desolation, a blackened sludge metal band that was born in 2010, a band that is bringing the heaviness and filth from sludge and mixing it with the atmosphere and aggression of black metal.
The lineup has always been a one man project lead by Byron, attempts at finding people to fill positions in the band happened in the first couple of years but failed, with this saw a break while Byron filled in for shows with a local doom metal band Mortarian, but after no longer being needed Visions Of Desolation was back, with Byron doing home recordings with a drum program, and in December 2013 saw the bands first release "Dire Memories 2010-2013", a compilation of 4 old songs and one new song, showing the lifespan of the earlier year of being a one man project.
2014 and beyond will see the band hopefully expand and take on more members to do shows.


Visions Of Desolation Visions Of Desolation


Dire Memories 2010-2013 2013

Dire Memories 2010-2013

Sludge metal/doom is what the bio states

From what I gather, this is a project by one guy while waiting for band members to join in. Nothing wrong with that of course, as it keeps things ... read