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Genre: Ambient / Post-Black Metal

Based in: Brisbane, QLD

The Chancellor - Vocals
B. - Guitars & Bass & Mandolin & Additional Vocals

Years active:

Predation EP (2014)
Demos & Singles 2011 to 2014 Cpmpilation (2014)
A Moment in Solace (2012)
A Moment in Solace Promo 2012 Compilation (2012)

Social Media:
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Vixenta is a depressive black metal/shoegaze band formed as a solo side project by B in mid-2010 as a solo project, after writing material which did not fit with 'main' band, Eternal Execration. 3 Demo songs were recorded in late 2010, and went unreleased to the public. Soon after, by Spring 2011, J. Zammit joined in on guitar and vocals. Two demo albums were then recorded, and were released online (Now unavailable).

By Autumn 2012, Vixenta and Psycho Originals were in contact over releasing an album, and recruited Celestial Hierarchy vocalist, The Chancellor. In January 2013 'A Moment in Solace' was released digitally, as well as a physical copy coming out in July 2013. The band is currently working on material for future releases, and has recruited Jared Moran on drums.


Vixenta Vixenta Vixenta Vixenta