Genre: Hard Rock / Psyche

Based in: Launceston, TAS

Samuel Lynch - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Daved Hextall - Bass & Vocals
Ian Barrett - Drums
Tristan Skerratt - Lead Guitar & Vocals

Years active:

... one for the road EP (2012)

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After lead guitarist Jonny Zero left for greener pastures a four piece fellowship was all that remained, but do not be detered, Wizard are stronger than ever and still have a love for beer that can only be described as sexual, 'WIZARD'.. being: Sam, Tristan, Dave and Ian.. Will be on their way to rock you, yes, like a hurricance of hot riffs and topless dancers. Wizard having been rocking the Launceston music scene for 4 years and have carved a name for themselves as a band that can rock any venue to its knees, then get asked for more, with a solid fan base of both young and old, Wizard appeal to the young who enjoy hard rock and the old who like to be taken back to the days when men were men and sheep were nervous. With great reviews/interviews in such street press as 'Buzz' and 'Sauce', Wizard have shown themselves to be professional group of fun loving rockers.