Wounded Pig
Wounded Pig

Genre: Powerviolence / Grindcore / Crust

Based in: Mt. Gambier, SA

Ben - Vocals, Machine Control
Jessica - Bass
Sam - Guitar & Backup Vocals & Drum Programming

Years active:

MT4X EP (2014)
Crust Vol - 2 Demo (2014)
Crust Vol - 1 Demo (2013)

Social Media:
Wounded Pig


Wounded Pig are a three piece grindcore/powerviolence band from the southern most part of South Australia. Formed in 2013 and driven by a common passion for extreme music, combined with a desire to push musical boundaries, members Ben (vocals), Sam (guitar and vocals) and Jessica (bass) all play a part in giving the band its unique sound. Taking influence from grindcore legends Napalm Death, Phobia and Nasum along with Australia's Captain Cleanoff and Silovanje, the trio have a no compromise, D.I.Y ethic and aim to deliver an unforgiving, memorable performance, anywhere, anytime.
The band's first two demos, 'Crust Vol.1' and 'Crust Vol.2' (both recorded in one take to a 4 track tape machine) and their EP 'MT4X' were released in quick succession at the end of 2013, gaining the trio notoriety within the Australian grindcore community.

Wounded Pig hit the stage at the start of 2014 with a live performance that does not disappoint, rivaling many in the scene and setting a new standard of intensity and aggression. With a full length album scheduled for release in 2015 and half the country already conquered, Wounded Pig plan to take their sound to the next level and continue to push the limits at every turn.


Wounded Pig Wounded Pig Wounded Pig


Wounded Pig: Announced A Permanent Mark album launch tour
Jul 24, 2016

Wounded Pig: Announced A Permanent Mark album launch tour

Mount Gambier based Powerviolence/Grindcore/Crust band Wounded Pig announced a very impressive Australian tour in October and November - the tour has 24 dates! \m/\m/ It starts in Adelaide on October ... read

HEAVY S.A FEST 2016. May 7th @ Fowlers Live announced
Mar 16, 2016

HEAVY S.A FEST 2016. May 7th @ Fowlers Live announced

South Australian Metal rules!
Since the dawn of the heavy metal movement, South Australia has consistently produced heavy bands of the ... read

Tour flyer

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Metal United Down Under

Oct 15, 2016 Enigma Bar in Adelaide, SA
Like all good thing we have to wait for but today is finally October 15th and the wait is over. Metal United Down Under #3 is here. The event that joins metalheads from right around the country.
The ... read

Heavy SA Fest

May 7, 2016 Fowlers Live in Adelaide, SA
Adelaide, the city of churches, is the setting of another massive day of unrelenting metal madness. It is Saturday morning on the 7th of May,2016. It is overcast and miserable, rain is holding off ... read

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