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Genre: Grindcore / Thrash Metal

Based in: Canberra, ACT

Scream-o-pillar - Vocals
Doc Spellator - Drums
Shy Cunt - Guitar
The Mayor of Queanbeyan - Guitar
Hardcunt Moneyman - Bass

Years active:

Tirades (2015)
Because You're Worthless (2013)
The Senseless Violence EP (2012)

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Wretch is the four-piece bastard lovechild of a quartet of Canberran metalhead idiots, who decided that their love of irreverence, and disdain for just about everything else, needed an outlet.

Formed in 2011 and based in Canberra, Wretch is comprised of a bunch of old bastards who've been involved in more bands than any of them care to remember, and who like nothing more than assaulting unsuspecting listeners with outright sonic stupidity!

With the inspanidual members having played just about every conceivable style of metal known to mankind throughout their involvement with various bands - from technical and blackened death metal, to funeral doom, through to more classic, traditional 80's style metal - Wretch is the result of  their universal love of grind, and taking the piss out of just about anything sacred.....

Musically, Wretch is a grindcore project at heart, taking its cues from all the usual heroes of the genre, such as Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Brutal Truth, Pig Destroyer, etc...

However the bands material is also heavily infected with unabashed nods to influences from the death, thrash, punk, and hardcore genres, all ham-fistedly smashed together with a rough-n-ready, D.I.Y sound, and lyrical content which is as equally tongue-in-cheek, as it is outright belligerent.

In addition to the inherently raw nature of grind, Wretch have also achieved their harsh live sound by intentionally choosing not to employ a bass player, instead deciding to let the twin guitar attack scrape its way into the ears of its audiences, giving crowds almost no chance of anything but an utterly abrasive live experience.

Since its formation, Wretch's live assault has gone from strength to strength. Performing regularly both locally and interstate, the band has scored a number of successful festival slots, playing alongside some of the sickest, most talented bands in the country, as well and landing several opening/support spots for international touring acts, such as Cattle Decapitation, Dawn of Azazel, and Warbringer.

The band released its first demo in 2012 to positive critical response, and in July 2013, Wretch's first, self-produced/released full length album '...Because You're Worthless' was unceremoniously spat at the general public.

So stick around...

...'cause there's more unpleasantry to come!


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