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Genre: Black Metal

Based in: Brisbane, QLD

Baaruhl - Lead Guitar
Gryphon - Battery & Percussion
Arzarkhel - Oration & Scripture
Daeimos - Bass Guitar
Svarogg - Rhythm Guitar

Years active:

Anatomy of the Infinite (2010)
Ad Interim Single (2009)
The Throne to Perish - An Icon of Disease EP (2003)
Renascent Misanthropy (2003)
Deception Revelation EP (2002)
Somnium Infinitus (Astriaal Archetype Anno MMI) EP (2002)
Summoning the Essence of Ancient Wisdom EP (2000)
Summoning the Essence of Ancient Wisdom Demo (1999)
Glories of the Nightsky Demo (1998)

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The alliance of ASTRIAAL was given life in 1998, beginning with the dawn of the 'Glories of the Nightsky' demo tape, now considered an integral foundation in the ASTRIAAL soundscape. In 2003 their landmark debut album ‘Renascent Misanthropy’ was released, finding a wide audience and label support throughout Australia and around the world.

Over the past decade the accumulation of accolades achieved has been numerous with ASTRIAAL being considered one of the leading Black Metal exponents from Australia. Their domestic tour supports have included Mayhem, Arcturus, Opeth, Destroyer 666, Suffocation, Nile, Destruction, Deeds of Flesh, Incantation and Pungent Stench. The bands distinct sound was melded and refined in the foundry of the live arena, achieved through the execution of numerous Australian tours spanning over a decade.

Most recently 2010 saw the release of their sophomore album ‘Anatomy of the Infinite’ which saw the mixing stages completed in Mølla Lydstudios, Norway with Knut Magne Valle from Arcturus at the helm. 2010 also saw ASTRIAAL relegated as national support for the infamous Black Metal masters Mayhem [Norway] on their most recent Australian tour for a second time in a decade. The horns of reprisal are resonating once again...hearken the next chapter! ASTRIAAL's compositions take the listener on a sonic journey…one resounding in Abyssal theology.


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IMMOLATION Sept Australian Tour

IMMOLATION Sept Australian Tour

IMMOLATION Sept Australian Tour