Genre: Doom / Death Metal

Based in: Sydney, NSW

Leon Kelly - Guitar
Michael Lenton - Drums & Vocals
Tony Mulhearn - Guitar
Matt Seldon - Bass
Simon Gruer - Vocals & Keys
Lee Tassaker - Bass & Assorted screams
Megan Tassaker - Keys

Years active:
1990-1995, 2012-

Paradox Demo (1995)
Atavism EP (1993)

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Cruciform was perhaps one of the most significant Australian metal bands of the early 1990s, playing a slow and heavy form of death/doom long before most others. Cruciform could well have gone on to take a serious role on the worldwide stage but internal conflicts sadly tore the group apart on the verge of international recognition.

The band developed a style similar to that of early recordings by Anathema and Paradise Lost featuring slow, lingering riffs and epic arrangements and rose to the forefront of Sydney's metal scene with Atavism in 1993, the first release for Warhead Records, whose owner Brad Sims was also the band's manager. Following this Daniel Moth was replaced by Matt Seldon and the group's sound engineer Simon Gruer joined Cruciform as lead vocalist and keyboard player. In 1995 they recorded a two-track demo featuring "Gutter" which appeared on that year's compilation album from Warhead and Gruer went to England where he demoed some material for Earache Records. During this time Cruciform was billed to headline Metal for the Brain.

Earache liked the material and were prepared to offer the band a deal but before Gruer could return to Australia, Cruciform had split up.

Gruer continued with a project called Avrigus. Seldon and Lenton started Sydney post-rock band Sh'mantra with former Aftermath guitarist Alex Hole.Kelly formed Illiad and is currently recording and playing in Sydney post rock gods Grun.

March 2013: WE ARE BACK !


Cruciform Cruciform


Laceration Mantra Album Launch

Jun 7, 2016 The Bald Faced Stag Hotel in Sydney, NSW
Getting to the Bald Faced Stag tavern always feels like a mission, but very worth it since the staff, including the security guards are extremely helpful if you're not acting like an inbred sausage ... read

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