Genre: Hard Rock / Alternative

Based in: Sydney, NSW

Miles (Ajax) Bedak-Stone - Vocals
Owen ('Boo') Lawson - Rhythm Guitar
Harry (Cuddles) Monson - Bass
Jesse Adams - Drums/Percussion

Years active:

Drillhorse (2015)

Social Media:
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Hard rockers Drillhorse hail from Sydney, Australia, a town that once boasted one of the finest rock music scenes anywhere till the twin killer effects of state rule and property combined to kill it off. Over a period of years and despite the fact that rock was on the wane we still managed to evolve from punk hardcore to the serious minded 'hard rock’ we prefer to play today. Individually the band boasts a range of skills from writers, visual artists, sound designers and even a top notch chef. We maintain our belief in the rock genre alone to deliver new and exciting musical ideas. Only rock can deliver aural joy in a way no other hip 'genre' can, and so we steer the sound through everything from progressive hardcore to Doorsian burlesque. In cahoots with our indie record label [Anathema] and producers Gas Wylde and Daemon Priest [flux/redux], we've now released our self-titled debut CD, a real labour of love that took great time and effort to craft and finally pin to the drawing board. In the end Drillhorse perform music with something to say and deliver it with purpose and punch to like-minds, those who dig their rock with melodic structure and meaning all in one swift dose.


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