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Genre: Grindcore

Based in: Perth, WA

Ben Marwick - Bass
Jon Dunlop - Drums
Dan Majer - Guitars & Vocals

Years active:

Global Developmental Decay (2017)
Death Metal Is a Rotting Corpse (2015)
Pizza of Putrefaction EP (2014)

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FLATUS was initially a four piece, formed by guitarist Daniel Majer as a ‘just for fun’ CARCASS tribute act who made two festival appearances in 2012 and 2013, performing a set of material lifted exclusively from the first two records: “… with humble respect similar to that of a seasoned funeral director, Flatus pay homage to the bludgeoning, gunge-soaked, cadaver-ridden human slaughterhouse that was Carcass circa 1987-89”. In 2014 the band recorded the ‘Pizza of Putrefaction’ mini-EP which featured two covers plus two original compositions written in the same musical style. The CD was released in insanely limited edition ‘Pizza Box’ packaging with scratch-n-sniff pizza stickers, and as a free download on the bands Bandcamp page.

    Now performing as a power trio, 2015 saw a trimmed down line-up and the release of ‘Death Metal Is A Rotting Corpse’, an album containing five new tunes that expanded on the bands previous Carcass worship to include different textures and influences, plus a death-metalised version of a track by BLACKSTAR, featuring none other than ex-Carcass/Blackstar axeman Carlo Regadas on guest lead guitar. The albums initial release was limited to 50 hand-numbered copies presented in a special translucent rice-paper sleeve and sold out quickly.

    In the two years leading up to February 2017, the band slowly but carefully crafted material for their next release. The style had progressed further in the direction hinted at by the previous album, with songs now freely incorporating a wider range of musical influences to make for a diverse listen in the form of ‘Global Developmental Decay’. With social/political lyrical themes infused with gory and cynical word-play, an emphasis on writing catchy music not riddled with overly complicated technique or instrumentation, plus completely hand-illustrated front cover art, the album harkens back to the days of early 1990s death metal when things were a little bit more simple, but also experimental and exciting. As with the previous releases, production was handled by Majer, with a keen ear to recreate the raw, unpolished sound of  death metal’s heyday.

    Because of the very limited nature of ‘Death Metal Is A Rotting Corpse’, the band made the decision to include their two albums together on one definitive release featuring an entirely remixed and remastered version of the aforementioned title. Containing over an hour of twisted and warped music, the CD will be available late 2017 in a deluxe, strictly limited-edition Digipak release.


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