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Genre: Blackened Metal

Based in: Melbourne, VIC

Tony Forde - Vocals
David Hill - Guitar
David Haley - Drums

Years active:

Reclaim The Darkness (2016)

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KING, an unfaltering and melancholic blackened metal force - keeping the spirit of old while carving a new path, epic while remaining raw, majestic while retaining a primitive atmosphere. Within the debut album “Reclaim The Darkness”, KING creates the perfect soundtrack to tell tales of an old world, a world forged by the gods and walked by giants. Tales of dark and bleak battles, never ending winters and the wonders of time and space.

KING was formed in 2013 by David Hill (guitar) and Tony Forde (vocals) who had worked together previously on grind core and death metal projects but shared the same drive to create something with more depth and space to express their musical ideas and concepts. David Haley joined on drums in 2014, his drum arrangements perfectly captured the atmosphere of KING taking the compositions to the next level. Drawing from shared musical influences like Immortal, Moonsorrow, In Flames, Satyricon, Dissection and Soilwork, the underlying focus during the writing process was on strong song structures to allow the arrangements to effortlessly transition between raw black metal and epic, soaring layered melodies.

Life, death, our existence within and as part of the universe are lyrical themes throughout the album. Gaining equal inspiration from turning towards the heavens, wondering at the stars and the infinity of time and space, to the thought of a new life being born and contemplating our short time on earth as humans. The music was composed with the same concepts in mind with great influence drawn from spending time in nature in astonishing landscapes, listening and more importantly feeling the stories that the landscapes told. Walking through forests filled with 1000-year-old trees, travelling across vast landscapes, over mountains and marvelling at their beauty, staying in ancient cities and sensing the history of empires that had come and gone. Being in these environments create a sense of wonder and brings to the surface the thoughts and concepts of our existence and our part in everything. The goal for the music of KING is about taking the listener on a journey to recreate that feeling of wonder and thoughtfulness, not to show what is already known, but to awaken what has always has been inside.

With all the pre-production having been completed in their own studio KING then entered Crawl Space studios February 2015, spending the following weeks recording and mixing the album. Tony Forde comments: "We're extremely excited with the way the recording and mixing of the album has turned out, Joseph at Crawl Space managed to capture the true essence of King throughout the entire process. The album mastering was taken care of by Thomas Eberger at Stockholm Mastering and we are blown away by the finished product.”

This debut album was written and recorded over an intense 2-year period, with the final product being completed on the Autumn equinox. All music was recorded and engineered by Joseph Haley at Crawl Space Studio and mastered by Thomas Eberger at Stockholm Mastering (Gorgoroth, Darkane, I and Symphony X). The result is a timeless offering, ready to be unleashed.




KING: Release Music Video For One World One King
Aug 31, 2017

KING: Release Music Video For One World One King

Australia's premiere blackened melodic metal force KING have continued to go from strength to strength since releasing their debut album, Reclaim The Darkness in 2016.
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KING: Announce Cold Winds Across Australia Tour 2017 with special guests BLACKHELM
May 25, 2017

KING: Announce Cold Winds Across Australia Tour 2017 with special guests BLACKHELM

This August/September, as the first glimmers of sun begin to thaw the winter frost, the blackened melodic metal force KING will continue to forge ahead,
carving a path across Australia with a run ... read

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