Genre: Heavy Metal / Hard Rock

Based in: Melbourne, VIC

Lisa - Vocals
Kai - Guitar
Frags - Bass
Rohan -Drums
Shayne - Guitar

Years active:

Circle for the Kill EP (2016)

Official website:

Social Media:
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Prophetess is a metal band from the western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Producing their brand of music in light and dark shades, chord driven riffs with idiosyncratic tempos and strong lyrical content of a yesteryear's poet.

Prophetess' music is influenced by 70's Metal blended with Classic Thrash along with hints of Doom & Gothic flavours. The vocals are fueled by a strong-fierce attitude along with fragile and haunting interludes and vocal harmonies.

Creativity organically flows through the music- the lyrics and is the driving force behind Prophetess; who look towards the departure from previous practices in metal to creating their own recognizable sound. Each member of the band contributes towards creating the Prophetess sound which ensures the music never comes from a singular focus and leaves room to diversify and makes it hard to pigeon hole Prophetess' in a particular metal genre.

Prophetess through their music, song lyrics and story writing will transport you, through the eons gaze into the eyes of the immortal soul of Prophetess . Follow our epic stories on our blog page in reverbnation:- How Prophetess has influenced the millennium. Join our Facebook page follow us on the journey and immerse yourself in the adventures of PROPHETESS.

To appreciate Prophetess come see the band play live and enjoy the full metal experience of Prophetess in the flesh... for we are all Exiles searching for our lost home...


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