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Scars of Sodom
Scars of Sodom

Genre: Black Metal

Based in: Melbourne, VIC

Lord Slayer - Guitars
Morbius Warseth - Vocals
Metal - Bass
Profanator - Drums
Sadist - Guitars

Years active:

Retribution of the Wicked (2014)
Demo (2012)

Social Media:
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Scars of Sodom


Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Scars of Sodom was created in 2010 by Lord Slayer (Anatomy) with Morbius Warseth (Antichrist, Hellspawn) to vomit forth a seething laceration of brutal Black/Death metal to crush the soul. Scars of Sodom’s first sacrificial offering is entitled Retribution of the Wicked, a seven track onslaught which includes the hymns Necrolords, Eyes of the Dead and Bound By Deaths Chains. To complete the line up the Scars commandeered the fury of Profanator (Cemetery Urn, Belligerent intent) on drums, Sadist (Hellspawn, Atomizer) on guitar and J. Metal (Hobbs Angel of Death, Anatomy, Hellspawn) on Bass. Demonic works are in motion for a follow up album to Retribution of the Wicked as well as live rituals during the year. Scars of Sodom are currently searching the world for an appropriate host to release its devastating carnage. Interested labels or to obtain your copy of Retribution of the Wicked contact Scars of Sodom at


Scars of Sodom