Genre: Hard Rock

Based in: Melbourne, VIC

Mitch O'Shea - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Tommy- O - Drums & Backing Vocals
Will Saw - Bass & Backing Vocals
Axel Winter - Lead Vocals

Years active:

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Skärlet are a four piece band from Melbourne, Australia with an unrelenting emphasis on quality song writing and explosive live shows.

Back in 2014 Tommy-O , a carefree hard hitting yet technically proficient drummer from New Zealand, and Mitch O'Shea, a guitarist with a keen sense of melody and an uncompromising desire for perfection in music, crossed paths and instantly knew they were destined to be in a band together. The two shared an interest in creating their own brand of 80's influenced rock with a modern edge.

Shortly after, the two met Will Saw, a great bass player, an all round badass motherfucker and the best head of hair you've ever seen.

After a year of hard work in rehearsal studios writing, recording and perfecting songs, the group took on Axel Winter as their frontman who completed the bands lineup and brought his own brand of bitchin' high range screamin' and a sense of showmanship that would rival the great David Lee Roth.

Skärlet are currently performing on stages around Melbourne but will undoubtably be soon moving on to arenas around the world.

So strap yourselves in and prepare for one hell of a hell of a ride

It's gonna be wild!

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