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Feb 8, 2017
Interview with Revocation - Revocation are touring Australia in February 2017. Sam Gibson has prepared a set of Q&A.

Metal-Roos: Firstly, I would just like to say thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for us. Welcome back to Australia, it's very exciting to have you back.
Revocation: Cheers! We are so stoked to be back, we love it out here!

Metal-Roos: How did you get involved with the Thrash Blast and Grind Fest?
Revocation: We’ve been tight with the Psycroptic guys for a long time now, and Dave Haley sent us the offer. We were happy to accept his offer.

Metal-Roos: Your latest release ‘Great Is Our Sin' has been out for seven months now, how has the fan reaction been to the new material?
Revocation: The fans seem to really enjoy it. Which is a great feeling because we really tried our best to deliver. We always try our best, but each album we make, we learn more about the process, and have more songwriting experience. We all like Great Is Our Sin the most of all our albums. 

Metal-Roos: Ash Pearson of 3 Inches of Blood joined you in 2015 and recorded the new album with you, how has he gone with fitting in with the band and picking up all of your songs?
Revocation: Ash and Dave Davidson have great chemistry. When they jam, songs come together so fast. His drumming is fast and tight but also dynamic and interesting. It’s not just straightforward death metal drumming. Not that we don’t love straightforward drumming, but Ash really brings more to the table than just that. He came up learning Rush and Frank Zappa songs and it really shows in his playing.
As for him picking up our songs, it took no time at all. He had them down 100 percent and the transition to having Ash as a full time member was seamless.

Metal-Roos: Do you have any plans for another album at the moment or is the plan to tour for a bit first?
Revocation: We have a few tours lined up, and also are writing new material. We always are. Instead of just setting time aside to write an album all at once, we just write songs whenever we can. Each year we have so much material we could make another record. Songwriting to us isn’t a chore or a job, we just love doing it and always will.

Metal-Roos: Do you have much down time while you are in Australia?
Revocation: We have one day off to get adjusted and then it’s full steam ahead. No breaks.

Metal-Roos: What are you looking forward to most while being back in Australia?
Revocation: Hanging out at Crowbar tonight will be rad. Just playing shows for the Australian crowds is satisfying enough for us to want to come back. We’re really looking forward to seeing all the bands on this tour and raging with them. Even though we tour constantly, we still love seeing other countries and meeting people wherever we go. We try to make friends all the time and spread positive vibes.

Metal-Roos: Thank you for your time and I can't wait to see the gig in Brisbane.

Interviewed by Sam Gibson
Welsh import. Beer drinking trumpet player who loves punk and metal