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Dec 4, 2017
Interview with Sepultura - Lukas spoke to Derrick about Sepultura's album Machine Messiah and their upcoming tour to Australia

Lukas: Okay, so I am sitting here with Derrick from Sepultura, how are you doing this morning? 

Derrick: I’m fantastic. It’s the afternoon here in Sao Paulo, Brazil, so just (audio drops out here) the day slowly. 

L: Alright, fantastic. So, you guys released Machine Messiah earlier this year, can you tell us a bit about the concept behind it? 

D: Basically, we wanted to do something that was dealing with a lot of the (audio drops out) bombarding us throughout the years. We had a lot of questions, Andreas and I, about whether technology is helping humanity. Has it brought us together or has it pulled us apart, separated us in certain ways? And I think it had a bit of both of these elements, and it was something that felt that a lot of people could relate to by writing something having to do with those topics. And also there’s the impact it’s had on the planet and everything around us, so it almost became… We were seeing this technology in the way of almost like a messiah, a second coming that’s come. Everyone is so keen on looking down at their phone and their screen, you know, this is like the messiah, this is something that people are fascinated with, people can’t keep their eyes off it. And they believe in it, they believe in the truth behind it. So I think showing different aspects of how it’s had an effect on humanity and society. And also writing an album with these elements that we felt from our day-to-day, especially living in Brazil with the political topics, so that was also placed into a lot of the ideas. 

L: Alright yeah, that’s really cool. Very interesting and relevant. So how did you guys go about recording and writing the album?  

D: We write off of ideas that each of us have. Mostly Andreas and Eloy Casagrande. Coming up with different ideas and then going to the studio and recording all these ideas that we have, whether they’re good or bad. Just listening to everything and building off of those ideas. Once we have numerous songs and ideas we break it down to what we feel are the strongest and record those. By then we had already picked a producer, Jens Bogren from Sweden, he was someone that I had really wanted to work with, just because of the fact that I was [a fan of stuff] that he had done, especially with vocals and doing clean vocals.There were some ideas I had for this new album that I wanted to try. So I felt that he would be great on just that fact that he’s such a radically different producer than our last record, Ross Robinson, who I love, but I feel for us we’ve always loved to work with different people, love to experiment, so it was great that (audio drops out) was available to go to Sweden and record the album… So he was able to (audio drops out) as far as his ideas and elaborate on top of those ideas. 

L: Alright, cool. And how have the crowds been reacting to these new songs so far? 

D: Honestly, since I’ve been in the band, it’s been about 20 years now, I think this time, doing these songs, have had the best reaction since I’ve been in the band. And at the same time we’re playing more songs than we ever have with the new songs, we’re playing six songs of the set. I know a lot of bands are afraid or don’t like to play these songs live because the crowd are usually not so into it or they’re getting used to it. But I think it was important to really show this album. And we didn’t really have to force it, it was something that a lot of people were demanding, you know, online it was like “I really want to hear these new songs”, and we’re just like “you know what, we should really concentrate on doing those. It’s really happening now and it would be great to mix those songs with old songs. And so it’s worked out really well, I have to say. I’m pleasantly surprised by the reaction. Like I said, it’s better than I’ve ever seen since I’ve been in the band playing new songs. 

L: I’m very glad to hear it. We can’t wait to see you guys out here. Can you tell us a bit about the show you guys are bringing out to Australia? 

D: Like I said, we’re going to play a lot of the new album, along with the classic Sepultura songs. I think it makes for a show with a lot of diversity, since we have these new songs in between classics. And I think it works really well to give this show something you might not have seen from Sepultura before. So we’re really looking forward to coming back, the last tour we did there was fantastic, and now I think it’s going to be a step higher, touring with Death Angel. They’re fantastic guys, we’ve done tours with them before, and this is a (audio drops out) surprise so I’m really looking forward to it. 

L: Fantastic. My god that’s exciting. So what would you say is your favourite Australian city to play? 

D: Oh my god, there’s so many good cities there… I would have to say… I mean, Melbourne’s my favourite city there, just because of the vibe and it was one of the first places I went to in Australia. But I think an interesting place is Perth, I like Perth, and I like Brisbane. But I guess it would have to be Melbourne out of all of those. But Adelaide is just great, very unique by itself, and I like unique. But like I said, one of the first places I ever went to was Melbourne so it’s still one of my favourites. 

L: Yeah of course, it’s going to be special. 

D: Yeah (laughs). 

L: So in your experience, how does the Australian metal scene compare to other metal scenes around the world? 

D: Hmm… Well, I think the energy [is different], just because there’s not too many bands that are going there that often, people tend to be a little more excited, they’re not so spoiled by shows. But that’s changing, there are a lot of shows that come through Australia now, and for quite some time, but it’s still not the same amount as Europe or the US. But I think it’s just the enthusiasm, there’s just such a cheerful vibe being there. It’s a wonderful place. I think a lot of it has to do with the culture and the lifestyle that people have there. That adds to the energy, I think, [of] the scene there. It gives it a lot of energy. 

L: I’m glad you think so (laughs).  

D: (laughs) It’s definitely very positive. Definitely can’t lie about that. 

L: What would you say are some of your favourite up-and-coming metal bands? 

D: There’s a few. I guess they’re pretty big now, but Code Orange, I really like Power Trip. I’ve been listening to a lot of these bands, especially in the gym (laughs). It’s so invigorating, gives you extra strength to go through. They’re really intense, I mean these guys are young, and they’ve been working really hard, and I really love the style. I don’t know what to call it, I don’t even know if I can really label it, I think they’re doing a mixture of elements of they love and showing their own personality, which is showing very strongly. That’s what I really like about these bands. 

L: Awesome. That’s what you really want out of new bands, isn't it? 

D: Yeah (laughs). 

L: So just to wrap it up, do you have any parting words for the Aussie fans? 

D: We’re looking forward to being Down Under, I can’t wait to be back there. We love you guys and it’s going to be a great show. Everyone should definitely come out and we hope to do something very special for you guys. 

L: Yeah, we definitely will be out there, don’t worry. That about wraps it up. Thank you so so much for doing this, mate. 

D: Alright. Absolutely man, no problem. 

L: And of course, can’t wait to see you guys here. 

D: Alright, we’ll see you soon then.

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Interviewed by Lukas