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Australian Premiere: Merrimack - "Omegaphilia" Full Album Stream

Australian Premiere: Merrimack - "Omegaphilia" Full Album Stream

French black metaller Merrimack releasing their fifth studio album "Omegaphilia" on June 9th through Season of Mist.

Today you can listen to the full album here:

MERRIMACK comment: "The time has come to reveal 'Omegaphilia' in its entirety. To give credit, where it is due, our opening track features Frater Stephane from NKRT during its ritualistic introduction, while an amateur choral can be heard on the closing song, which was open-minded enough to participate on such an infamous project. We hope that you'll like this album as much as we do!"

Pre-order the album at Season of Mist.


1. Cauterizing Cosmos (6:29)
2. The Falsified Son (4:54)
3. Apophatic Weaponry (6:24)
4. Gutters of Pain (4:03)
5. Sights in the Abysmal Lure (5:21)
6. Cesspool Coronation (7:30)
7. At the Vanguard of Deception (9:07)

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