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The Metal Party is about to start… WACKEN!!!

The Metal Party is about to start… WACKEN!!!

Wacken Open Air is coming closer and we are getting excited. 47 days to go to the massive metal party (from 3 to 5 August). We are checking our camping gear and start practising our party stamina to be in shape for the big event. But why do I write about Wacken when Metal-Roos focusses on Australian events and targets primarily underground metal? Firstly, I am from North Germany and therefore Wacken is closely associated with that one home (the other is Australia). Secondly, besides the geographical connection I am proud of North Germany producing one of THE metal festivals where hundreds of thousands of metalheads pilgrim each year to worship metal. Thirdly, Wacken was underground for quite some time before it became one of THE festivals. It shows that perseverance and keep doing what you want can lead to the top. And then lastly, Wacken is of course a place where you find Australians who don’t mind the long trip to join the party.

The line-up for this year’s Wacken is no exception to the great line-ups everybody knows from the last years: Volbeat, Megadeath, Alice Cooper, Accept, Europe, Kreator and my personal favourite, Amon Amarth. It’s promising 3 days and nights of full-on best of what metal has to offer. If that’s not enough, the news about a beer pipeline enabling drafting beer in 6 sec sound quite interesting. And what about that everlasting party on the camping ground which doesn’t stop? Or the mix of metal heads from all over the world and making Wacken a kind of United Nations. You meet so many people with the most interesting background stories including those grandparents who accompany their children and grandchildren and just love hanging out at the camping ground talking to everybody or the girl from Dubai with a hijab who doesn’t drink but knows more about metal than anybody else and just always has been a fan.

Wacken is Metal. The metal vibe is not to be missed. This year’s Wacken has now been sold out but you can either get on a waiting list or make plans for next year. Here’s all the information you need:

Here’s the awesome trailer:

Last but not least: The flyer (yes, that are a lot of bands):
Wacken 2017 Flyer

See you in Wacken – Rain or Shine \m/


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