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Truth Inc Records: Sign Canadian band Eyes Over Sea

Truth Inc Records: Sign Canadian band Eyes Over Sea

Truth Inc Records, in conjunction with US label Imminence Records, are proud to announce the signing of Canadian prog metalcore band Eyes Over Sea.

The five piece band have quickly cemented themselves in the Canadian scene and came to the attention of both Imminence Records and Truth Inc Records after the release of their debut single in 2015, and after hearing some of the new material currently being recorded.

Label Manager Greg Shaw of Truth Inc Records is very excited about the signing and the direction of Truth Inc with the partnership with Imminence Records.

"Eyes Over Sea broaden the range of our roster further, bringing a multi-layered and progressive form of heavy music to Truth Inc. The band are both aggressive and dynamic and we look forward to working together and seeing them grow further. This also marks the further development of our partnership with US label Imminence Records and the scope of our international representation. Together we now offer a diversity of heavy music from across Australia, the United States, Canada and Europe with more regions to follow," Shaw states.

Eyes Over Sea are also extremely excited about the opportunity to get their music out to a wider audience with the signing.

"We are stoked! It's crazy to think that we are now represented in the Australian region and we couldn't be happier. We really hope to gain a lot more fans from this and we are looking forward to working with both Truth Inc and Imminence on our careers," the band says.

Keep an eye out for their debut release in November, and in the meantime check out their latest single Beyond The Light below!

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