Цар Стангра (Zar Stranga): Released New Album

Цар Стангра (Zar Stranga): Released New Album

Bulgarian Pagan/Folk Metal band Цар Стангра (Zar Stranga) released their  full-length album "Небесният ковач". Цар Стангра was formed in 2007 by Stanislav Stefanovski . It started as a solo project until 2014, when new members joined forces with a new vision: Making an original combination of black metal and Bulgarian folk music to spread Bulgarian culture through metal. In the year of 2015, the band released two demos. With the second demo, the band was featured as “Band of the week” in a couple of underground black metal forums and discussion groups.

flyer" class="img-responsive Tracklist:
1. Небесният ковач 07:21
2. Обесването на Васил Левски 06:56
3. Сънят на героя 03:49
4. На прощаване 06:28
5. Да, близък е краят 00:50
6. Опълченците на Шипка 14:11

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