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The Ever Spinning Wheel by Amplified Memory

The Ever Spinning Wheel
Out of Munich, Germany, is this little known band going by the name of Amplified Memory, formed in the summer of 2008. This is their first release "The Ever Spinning Wheel".

Opening track "The Inception" sounds like the start of an epic battle scene for a war movie with the use of haunting atmospherics and synthesizers. For a self released album I am struck by the sound quality, production and overall musicianship on show here, clocking in at 57 minutes and 12 tracks. The feel of the album is like heavy adventure style of music, not far off iff I'd say a movie soundtrack. Track 3 "Heteronomous" is a standout with spine snapping ferocity, snarling low end vocals. Track 6 "Inscrutable Stones" has some interesting time signatures and the use of keyboards. Track 10 "Hollowed" is unstoppable in pace, energy lead and rhythm guitars to really are given the opportunity to flourish. Track 11 "Ladon's Dream" takes its foot off the accelerator at the start of the track and then breaks into an instrumental piece, reminiscent of fellow death heads Dimmu Borgir.

The lyrical theme of this album is an interesting mix of subjects like chaos, space and dreams which to this point I have not come across from many other bands going under the Melodic/Death metal banner. It's also worth to mention that current drummer Tim Braun comes into the fold of another fellow German Thrash band Toxic Waltz - also worth checking out.

I know that in a lot of my previous reviews I said the following: "This album can't be pigeon holed" but this is true to a certain extent, taking parts from old school black metal - a dash of medieval vibe, a dash of death metal and a pinch of keyboards. Throw it into a pot stir and you have "Amplified Memory". My favourite track on album is the title track. I think this one in particular would go over very well live. Overall a good first effort! This album may not appeal to every heavy metal enthusiast by a long shot but if your looking for something a little off the wall Melodic/Death Metal wise then this may be for you?

The Ever Spinning Wheel

Reviewed by Steve Monaghan
Since the age of 11 when he got a copy of Metallica "Black" for his birthday, Heavy Metal has been a massive part of Stephen's life and that's not going to change - ever!!!

The Ever Spinning Wheel has been released in 2013.

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