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Self-Titled by Savage Atrophy

5 piece Paraguay thrash/death metal

An instrumental intro opens this album, with some athletic playing, and you get an idea of what you are in for. Black leaf comes next starting with a blast beat, and these guys have put in serious work. I can see why they are getting on bills with Fear Factory and it looks like they have a support for Kreator coming up. You can hear the Lamb of God and Cannibal Corpse influences, and this is not easy stuff to play. There's some serious precision and despite the concentrated noise chaos they bring, Savage Atrophy can still stop on a dime and then take the song somewhere else, usually another tremendously hellish groove. Karai Pyhare is just there to confuse me I'm sure and is just some quiet chantings in the middle of the storm.

Chaos and death brings you back to their relentless intensity and is as good as this genre gets in my opinion, and my pick for the album. This is one of the songs you wait for them to play live, and it's pretty intense. You can download the entire album for free on their webpage ( ) and they are encouraging fans to do so on their facebook page. What can stop a band like this? If you like extreme metal, you should keep an eye on these guys.


Reviewed by Matt

Self-Titled has been released in 2013.

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