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Lost in Tartarus by Shevils

Lost in Tartarus
Norwegian punk/metal hybrid 5 piece outfit.

"Is this where we are" opens the album with authority, and it's a good choice. Anders makes his statement with authority and it's a song that gets your attention. Timelines has a memorable riff and is probably my fave at this point. There is a lot of dynamics with just rhythm section in parts, which the guitar thickens in the parts that really matter. The bass sound on "sorely fucking provoked" is killer and I found myself repeating the chant some hours later. There's no denying I can hear some of the looseness and attitude in the feel that comes with punk, moreso than the precision that comes with pure metal stylings, but it's a very solid album with no real weak spots and is not just confirmed to one genre. Along with that, there's no guitar hyper manic work however if that's what you're after, just a series of well polished compositions delivered expertly.

I really like shattered glass too, with it's unusual industrial type feel. These guys have a serious bag of tricks. Even though most of the vocals are yelled, it doesn't wear on the listener. They have a good ear and seem to know when to change the pace to keep it from getting too repetitive. In fact I find myself listening to it more and more, when I should actually be reviewing other albums. Not the top album of 2013, but it's easily in my top 5.

Lost in Tartarus

Reviewed by Matt

Lost in Tartarus has been released in 2013.

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