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In Ruins by Arcadia

In Ruins
Arcadia have released their latest album In Ruins. A 12 track, spotlessly produced and played creation that hammers and growls it's way into your soul. It really is an excellent sounding album, have this cranking through your sound system or blasting out if your headphones will have you grinning as you are totally immersed in the music.

The guitars are brutal but crisp and precise with plenty of melody and variety. Jesse Graetz smashes the hell out if the drums, in a measured and calculating rage, everyone else in the band Tim Giddings, Jish Rigby. And Dany Willemsen handle the guitars that really pack a punch but also wail, shred and scream with real personality that show off their technical ability. Vocals are handled in lead by Tim Giddings and Dany Willemsen backs up and are mainly growl but do bring some clear harmonic singing, mostly during the choruses. Arcadia have said that Trivium and Killswitch Engage are major influences on their music and this is very clear all throughout, and some songs could easily be placed on either bands albums.

Quite hard to pick standout tracks on this album as it is such a consistent release with no duds or weak songs at all apart from a couple of obligatory filler tracks. However the two I did keep going back to is track 3 Fragile, that has some crushing riffs for instant Headbanging pleasure , with wonderful growls to satisfy, great hooks , great song. The other track of greater quality is Wake Up, which has a slow booming build up into a wicked riff that will have you saying 'hellyeah'. A wonderful melodic singing chorus that make this an excellent heavy metal song. One other track of note is Torn In Two mainly for its truly excellent highly catchy chorus. Arcadia do use breakdowns but thankfully sparingly and the sound is quite varied in all of them, staying clearly away from the trap of overusing breakdowns.

I have to say this is an absolutely brilliant album by a very profressional band. All the more impressive by the fact this is largely a metalcore album, a genre I am not normally a big fan of. That really says something. A must have for fans of this genre and still highly recommended for everyone else.

In Ruins

Reviewed by Chris Rankin
Chris\' love for metal started at the young age of six with ACDC and Iron Maiden. Since then he has extended this love for all variations of metal which he cherishes with his Facebook group Headbangers.

In Ruins has been released in 2013. Arcadia are from Australia.

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