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DEMO(n) by Livid and the Bloodthirsty

Livid and the Bloodthirsty are a metal band from Canada and they really pack a killer arsenal of songs.

The demo has a lot of positives. The biggest positive and probably the best part of the demo has to be the riffage that is going on, and it really is riffage. In addition you can hear so many influences in their playing style, from Pantera to Lamb of God and a list that would be too long for this review. The demo displaces a wide verity of their music, it's not like listening to same songs in a different order. Kudos have to be given to the song "This Scene's Too Pre-Teen", a lot of bands fail at using the harmonic minor (middle-eastern sound for the non-theory people) but I have to say it is used really well. The overall dynamics of the songs are amazing for a band who are just releasing a demo. The drums are great too, simply melting into the songs and really holding them together perfectly. Vocals are great, good strong performance.

Negatives for the demo aren't really anything that can be applied to a demo since it has to do with mixing and general recording. So the bass could be mixed in a so it feels like it there and just drum quality (and that's not going to effect the final score I give the album since it is only a demo).

So to conclude, if this band had Phil Anselmo people would probably call Livid and the Bloodthirsty; Pantera 2.0. Really great band and can't wait to hear more from them!


Reviewed by Adam Orlowski
Singer & Guitarist of the band Bedlam

DEMO(n) has been released in 2012.

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