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Voices from the Eternal Night by Atra Vetosus

Voices from the Eternal Night
Atra Vetosus are from Launceston in Tasmania. On their website they have described themselves as "melodic black metal" and they are exactly that. Their debut album Voices from the eternal night has all aspects of a good black metal album and they are extreme to the fullest. They started of as a two piece band but recruited three new members which have certainly helped them achieve what they have so far.

Atra Vetosus have a unique sound which can compare to the early days of Cradle of Filth with quick guitars, tight drumming, powerful vocals and their use of keys and sound imagery. The guitar work is not just blasting tremolo picking, it has amazing tones which to stick with you as I kept finding myself humming some of the guitar work, solo work is also at a good quality in this album. The use of keys in line with the tremolo picking certainly help set the scene and with the second guitar they have some very effective undertones. The drumming/bass is very tight and played well. I have left the vocals until last for one reason only remember the saying "Save the best for last?" That is what is happening, the vocalist is amazing his harsh vocals will rip you to shreds especially when he gets very high and very loud, just the pure raw emotion of the vocals lets the listener know that the vocalist has something to say and you better listen or else.

Atra Vetosus also have an quiet acoustic interlude and outro to the album which fits very well and they also use different acoustics and mood music throughout the album. As for stand out tracks i think it depends on the listener as i didn't hear a stand out as the whole album is great overall.

A very solid debut for the boys from Atra Vetosus and i expect a lot more coming from these guys.

Voices from the Eternal Night

Reviewed by Brent Logan
Since growing up with Metallica, Queen, Black Sabbath and Kiss (Thanks Mum) my taste has obviously grown into my own. I think it's important to be able to share metal or music for that matter for all people to enjoy, especially with metal as in the digital age its easier to share.

Voices from the Eternal Night has been released in 2013. Atra Vetosus are from Australia.

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