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The Ultimate Offering by SteelSwarm

The Ultimate Offering
The Ultimate Offering is the debut EP by Steelswarm. Steelswarm is made up of the Simms brothers Jamie and Dane. The two of them have created an excellent album of thrash songs, a sound not that far out of place from the great mid 80's thrash albums. They really have made themselves a very good small offering of the sort of music they are capable of and the standard thrash we can expect from a later full release. This is classic, riff driven thrash. Despite it being a classic thrash sound it is ultra modern in production and delivery with everything crisply delivered. The two brothers have excellent musicianship.

On the EP we are given four songs to devour and bang along to with each being different enough to make for an interesting listen. They are all certainly that thrash style, but not the blitzing ultra fast kind, rather more methodical and patient in their sound with some nice, more complex parts.

The whole EP is a very good standard and I was really enjoying it and then I got to the fourth and track was blown away. The Underworld Awaits. What a song! One of the best metal songs you will hear. Brilliant opening riff with drive and a great hook that really is some of the best thrash you will hear. The chorus is excellent, clear vocals and easily to sing along lyrics make for a wonderful moment between listener and musician. The two brothers are very clever as it appears they have performed everything on the album so when played with a full live band it will really be quite something.

I am very pleased on this debut EP that they are all original songs and no covers or fillers, showing they have plenty of musical creativity with plenty more on the way. There are no bad songs on this and I found myself very happy to let the disc start all over again at track 1 and play all the way through. The sign of a good album.

Steelswarm it would seem really are a band to keep an eye on if this appetizer of an offering is an indication of impending releases. I absolutely enjoyed every part of this recording and I am sure you will aswell. A highly profressional production and an excellent thrash EP.

The Ultimate Offering

Reviewed by Chris Rankin
Chris\' love for metal started at the young age of six with ACDC and Iron Maiden. Since then he has extended this love for all variations of metal which he cherishes with his Facebook group Headbangers.

The Ultimate Offering has been released in 2013. SteelSwarm are from Australia.

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