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Profanity and Innuendo by Roadkill

Profanity and Innuendo
Profanity and Innuendo is the name of the album by hard rock outfit, Roadkill. A title that comes easily because that is pretty much what you get on this recording. Generally throughout this is basically sleazy pub rock, with rather cliche lyrics, full of dirty jokes and cheap thrills. This style of lyrics I thought had long since gone and quite frankly it's just all been done before by every other hard rock pub band. You can have similar content in the lyrics and music but just add a bit of wit and originality.

Unfortunately the album does not start off well with probably the worst track on the album, the song Two Dogs which has a chorus that tells "two dogs fucking" this is pretty simple stuff! Generally the music throughout is quite good, although pretty much the same throughout with not much variation, but enough to have you toe tapping along, and at least getting I into the rhythm.

There are however a couple of clear standouts on the album, Back Stabbers, and Smack, which made me think, if there had been more songs like these two it may have been a better album. Back Stabbers has really good crunchy guitars, a great best and lyrics and vocals that have purpose and emotion to them. Smack similarly has bit of teeth to it and I really quite enjoyed it, and it shows Roadkill can write a good rock song.

For the people who love this sort of stuff they will probably like this album and I am sure seeing Roadkill live in the right environment would be quite a decent night out, but I really don't think there is enough substance here for an album.

So if you like sleazy pub hard rock, then sure get it. For me I am going to pass!

Profanity and Innuendo

Reviewed by Chris Rankin
Chris\' love for metal started at the young age of six with ACDC and Iron Maiden. Since then he has extended this love for all variations of metal which he cherishes with his Facebook group Headbangers.

Profanity and Innuendo has been released in 2013. Roadkill are from Australia.

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