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Eclipsed by Infernal Outcry

Eclipsed is the rather short 3 track demo by the band Infernal Outcry. I found it difficult to get an overall reading and flavour if this release due to the shortness of it, as it was over not long after it began.

This give piece group seem to have an idea of the style and sound they are trying to create, one of complex rhythms and riffs with multiple time changes and jazz infused tempos and I applaud them for that.

Leah Armand provides a pretty good growl on vocals with the occasional bursts of clear melodic singing, great talent there.

Th full capabilities of the band come out on the highlight of the album, track 3 Perfidious Genocide, with some really nice and chunky death metal riffs, multiple tempo changes that work well and a sense of grandeur and epicness about it.

Unfortunately there is a problem with this demo and it is a major one! The sound quality.
The sound quality is abissmal, with a very dull muffled and suffocated sound to it all, with the guitars the only relatively clear sounding element and even those aren't great. While Leah's growls are quite good they are very weak sound wise compared to the guitars and the drums are so giant and lifeless that they are inaudible at times. Because of all this it makes it a very difficult recording to listen to and greatly reduces the reasons to keep listening.

Being a 3 track demo all three songs really needed to make an impact or this album wouldn't have much purpose, sadly only one of the songs did that and even then the poor sound production destroyed any last hope of that.

This band I am sure can play good music but unfortunately this is not a good example of perhaps what they can do.


Reviewed by Chris Rankin
Chris\' love for metal started at the young age of six with ACDC and Iron Maiden. Since then he has extended this love for all variations of metal which he cherishes with his Facebook group Headbangers.

Eclipsed has been released in 2012. Infernal Outcry are from Australia.

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