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Addicted to Thrash by Hidden Intent (Single)

Addicted to Thrash

Hidden IntentAddicted to Thrash arrived a few days ago and I have been listening to it pretty much non stop since then. The reason being is that it fucking rips. I’m not sure why Australian metal is so potent right now, maybe it’s our location on the planet but a lot of the thrash bands are becoming watered down and basically suck balls.

Adelaide’s own Hidden Intent don’t have this problem though, this is thrash metal in its purest form. For those who don’t know Hidden Intent, they are a three piece which makes this single even more special because some bands lose the driving force when the guitar solos kick in not the case here. 

There only 2 tracks on this single. So let’s break them down...

Addicted to thrash – Opens with a classic thrash riff with insane double kick drumming from Paul. The opening is frenzied madness of immense proportions but does slow slightly in the chorus with extremely catchy lyrics. Chris’ vocal delivery is powerful and fast but enunciated so you can hear the content of the lyrics. The same goes for the backing vocals of guitarist Phil Bennett. About halfway through the song it comes to a driving point where in a live setting would be the circle pit moment while those who aren’t as brave could raise the horns in the air in time. Phil’s guitar tone is sick and listen out towards the end for a little bass boogie from Chris.

Eternal Rest – There is no let up in Eternal Rest. Once again the riffs are delivered at break neck speed and the catchiness of the lyrics are in your face from the opening. There are good tempo changes in this song which adds really cool dynamics to the song. The lead solo in this song is blisteringly fast.

Both of these tracks are well written, both lyrically and musically highlighting how talented the Hidden Intent boys are. It was recorded locally at Against the Grain studios. For those who buy the physical copy of the single: awesome cover artwork!

Quick summary, this is how thrash once was done by the big boys but delivered by Hidden Intent as well, if not better, than their predecessors. This is just the taste of what is in store for a full length release and metal heads across the country should be salivating in anticipation.

Addicted to Thrash

Reviewed by Adrian 'Dren' Barham

Addicted to Thrash has been released in 2016. Hidden Intent are from Australia.

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