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Apocrypha by Somnium Nox (EP)


A two piece band recently clawed its way out of the abyss of the Sydney/Canberra underground to release a devastatingly effective 16 minute EP “Apocrypha.” I am of course talking about the mysterious figures known as Somnium Nox.

This atmospheric black metal triumph, shifts between frothing black metal hate to slower progressive instrumental interludes and back again. With some songs that break the 10 minute mark you can find yourself zoning in and out, however the clever composition of this song keeps the listeners rapt attention throughout. There is even a rather iconic Australian instrument thrown into the mix to great effect. I won’t ruin the surprise, you will just have to listen and find out for yourself.

Cheers and beers


Reviewed by Occa

Apocrypha has been released in 2016. Somnium Nox are from Australia.

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