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Conquer and Command by Silent Knight

Conquer and Command

Back in 2015 Silent Knight released Conquer and Command, an 11 track album of pure Power Metal greatness. The album begins with an instrumental called A Call To Arms. This track is exactly that, it is a call to arms to pay attention and prepare yourself for what the rest of the album has in store.

This album perfectly combines speed, technicality, melody and soaring vocal lines to create a truly amazing album. All of the songs on this album are different, so you never feel like you are listening to the same song twice. The way that guitarists Stu McGill and Cameron Nicholas intertwine guitar parts seamlessly while bass player Cameron Daw and drummer Paul Wrigley provide a thunderous rhythm section and vocalist Jesse Onur Oz soars over the top with his powerful vocals show a band in perfect synch and a truly unstoppable force.

It is difficult to pick which songs on this album were my favourite; however, The Raven's Return was one of the stand outs. This song had an amazing mix of melody and speed. It almost felt like it was the "ballad" of the album, but the ballad was on speed. Of course I have to mention the closing track of the album, the band end the album with a cover of The Final Countdown. This is the kind of cover that will unite an entire room of people to drunkenly sing at the top of their voices.

This album is an amazing release and my favourite release of 2015.

Track Listing:
A Call To Arms
Conquer & Command
Empty Threat
Prisoner Of Your World
The Call Of The Crow
The Strike Of The Sword
The Raven's Return
One By One
Power Metal Supreme
The Final Countdown

Conquer and Command

Reviewed by Sam Gibson
Welsh import. Beer drinking trumpet player who loves punk and metal

Conquer and Command has been released in 2015. Silent Knight are from Australia.

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