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For All Kings by Anthrax

For All Kings

The highly anticipated new release from seminal thrash band Anthrax has finally been unleashed upon the masses... so how is it? For those long standing fans of Anthrax, I believe For All Kings will fit snugly amongst the others in your collection.

Opening up with an orchestral piece I get the feeling of triumphant glory and I can image this being played in the great hall of kings, fitting, huh!?! You Gotta Believe is the first actual song on the album and from the first guitar riff you know this is Anthrax.

The band is tight as ever in their performance. You can hear they are happy in themselves as they produce really good music with blistering fast guitar work and Joey's vocals clean and exciting to listen to.

For those who know the Anthrax history will hear elements of past albums - I can hear Sound of White Noise in the track Monster at the End. But don't fret for those who didn't like the Bush era albums. This is fresh and pure Anthrax.

The title track will have you moshing about the place and there are lots of these moments packed into For All Kings. Evil Twin has made the cut and featured into Anthrax' live set, this song takes me back to the Spreading the Disease era. The 3 minute mark has what I like to call a circle pit moment - have a listen and make up your own mind.

For All Kings is a thrash album worthy of one of the big four bands, it is well written and produced. It is a thrash album which you'd expect but maturely done. One of my favorite tracks on the album is Blood Eagle Wings. This is a darker song starting off as a heavy rock song but picks up the pace through it 7:53 duration. One of the longer songs in the Anthrax catalogue.

For All Kings is a complete album from the New York thrash legends. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am...

For All Kings

Reviewed by Adrian 'Dren' Barham

For All Kings has been released by Nuclear Blast in 2016. Anthrax are from USA.

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