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Grill by Grill (EP)


Grill is the self titled EP from a Blue Mountains based progressive metal band. The style seems to a blend of almost all forms extreme metal from the frantic fast paced drums and guitars of grind, the mastery of tech death through to slow meandering fills of melodic doom metal.

The first song on the EP is Alien Abortion. This song kicks off with a spoken word intro before diving straight into the sweeping guitars and death growls. The song takes a brief pause at around the 2 minute 50 mark, with a lone despairing scream filling the void before kicking back off into a chugging riff. At the 3 minute mark the song kicks back in with a new groove before closing out the first song with a flurry of drums and guitars

The second song Anal Leprosy kicks off the fast paced tempo from the get go but drops down to a slow relaxed doom melody overlaid with some gurgles. At the 2 minute mark the tempo picks back up only to slow down very shortly after.  This continues throughout the song which I found a little disrupting because it is only a four minute song and the tempo changes are extreme.

The third song Deformed starts off slowly and gradually builds up speed in a much more natural progression than has been seen before on the EP. This song also features spoken word but this time as a chant and brings in the first use of black metal style vocals. Whilst this is in my opinion the softest song on the EP it also my favourite, mostly to the style changes flowing smoothly throughout the song.

The last song on the EP is Mutilated Witches Kunt starts off with a slow tempo drenched in death growls. With each new song Grill add a new element to their music; in this one we get a taste of some orchestral keys. Showing that they had not forgotten the fast pace of the first two songs, just after the four minute mark we get a brief 15 second blast of drums and guitars. Heralding the end of the EP is the slow ringing of the church bell.

Overall this is a very interesting EP to listen to from start to finish. With each new song adding and building upon the one before it shows a dazzling array of metal styles blended into something uniquely there own.


Reviewed by Occa

Grill has been released in 2015. Grill are from Australia.

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