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Heavenly Realms by Horizons Edge

Heavenly Realms

Melbourne’s Horizons Edge, is a band that only been around for a couple of years. They are described as melodic power metal with big choruses, ear bleeding solos and power driven female vocals. Their live shows have been described as no lack of energy right from the start of the first song and all members know their role well and deliver an amazing live performance. Horizons Edge like to push the boundaries with their music developing big sounds to blow the audience away which in evident in their first release Heavenly Realms.

Heavenly Realms begins with an atmospheric feel then explodes with power into their song Vagabond. This is a suitable track to start the album as it gives the listener a sense of what is about to become. With some good vocals and harmonies it really fills out well. The music is put together very well, with keyboards giving it that extra push that brings it all together. The guitar work is impressive especially the soloing, some of their opening riffs can be compared to power metal giants “Kamelot.” Drumming is tight and accents the album well. Vocals in this album are at a high quality - I was pleasantly surprised with the vocals as they are showing a big range in her voice and the harmonies mix in very well.

My favourite track on this release is Ride the Stars which has an excellent feel to it; the guitar solo is very good with dual solos as well. The chorus in this one gets really stuck in your head, I also found myself having the song played on repeat often. Other stand out tracks Out of the Ashes, Sign of the Times and Life after Death.

I think this is a solid release from Horizons Edge. They have just started their tour to support their album and if they are coming to a city near you I will encourage to see them!

Heavenly Realms

Reviewed by Brent Logan
Since growing up with Metallica, Queen, Black Sabbath and Kiss (Thanks Mum) my taste has obviously grown into my own. I think it's important to be able to share metal or music for that matter for all people to enjoy, especially with metal as in the digital age its easier to share.

Heavenly Realms has been released in 2015. Horizons Edge are from Australia.

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