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Knock 'Em Out... With A Metal Fist by Elm Street

Knock 'Em Out... With A Metal Fist

Melbourne Horror Thrashers Elm Street have returned with their new release ‘Knock em out with a Metal Fist’. This is a long awaited release from the boys, after countless tours locally and overseas with leading acts such as Iced Earth, showing the world that Australian Metal is a force to be reckoned with. Over the five year gap between their first release ‘Barbed Wire Metal’, the boys have used their maturity and newly gained experience with this new album - and it’s an album that packs a punch.

'Knock em out with a metal fist’ starts off ‘Face the Reaper’ with an unexpected Spanish Flamenco intro with a build up into a face melting explosion of metal and ‘REAPER!!!’ First noticeable thing is the increase of aggression in the music and especially in the vocals from Ben Batres. The first listen, vocally it sounded like a completely different vocalist, with so much more power and aggression in the voice.

Elm Street have kept their style and formula of long powerful solos but with extra maturity and passion. The guitar work is amazing, all riffs are ear gouging and will keep metal lovers rejoicing. The rhythm section with the bass and drums is very tight with different dynamics in every track which keeps your head moving no matter where you listen to it.

Elm Street have stayed true to form with their Old School influences with tracks such as ‘Heart Racer’ and ‘Will it take a lifetime’ which I can easily see the crowd singing these as an anthem and at the same time they have shown a big aggressive side in Tracks ‘Next in Line’ and ‘Face the Reaper’ which will surely get the pit steaming.

The album is a stand out and it was difficult to pick my own favourite tracks from this as its dirty diverse and aggressive and each track has their place and will give the listener and powerful journey, though for me ‘Face the Reaper’ and ‘Next in Line’ were the most noticeable stand outs due to the power and aggression in both. ‘Heavy Mental’ and ‘Kiss the Canvas’ are also noticeable stand outs as its some of the best riffing I have ever heard.

Metal Lovers rejoice in the glory of Elm StreetsKnock 'em out... with a metal fist as this is an album to be reckoned with and I'm sure the boys from Melbourne with follow up with an amazing tour. So do yourself a favour buy this album catch them during their tour as you will not be disappointed as you will be knocked out with a metal fist.

Knock 'Em Out... With A Metal Fist

Reviewed by Brent Logan
Since growing up with Metallica, Queen, Black Sabbath and Kiss (Thanks Mum) my taste has obviously grown into my own. I think it's important to be able to share metal or music for that matter for all people to enjoy, especially with metal as in the digital age its easier to share.

Knock 'Em Out... With A Metal Fist has been released by Massacre Records in 2016. Elm Street are from Australia.

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