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Loki's Slaughter by Fenrir

Loki's Slaughter

When I received Loki's Slaughter to review, I intentionally didn't look at Fenrir's Facebook page and to be honest when I first listened to the album I didn't realise the band were Australian. I'm not being ignorant, I just wanted an unbiased opinion and hopefully I have achieved this.

The intro sounded like the opening to an epic battle to be waged against two brutish forces ready to unleash upon each other, then the title track blasts onto my speakers. As metal heads we like to place things into categories (fairly or unfairly, another discussion though) but to type cast Fenrir would prove a difficult task for anyone.

This is such a different album in a really cool way, the use of a flute works remarkably well...  I'm buggered if I know how he can play and breathe at the same time, at times playing along to some killer riffs would proof a task alone.

Loki's Slaughter is well written and composed beautifully, each teach takes on its own story which I'm guessing is the whole idea, the title track opens up with a melodic guitar riff and the flute accentuates it in a cool way. The drumming is a real stand out in the song, pounding and fast double kick drums.

The melodic elements to this album are proof Aussie bands can write some clever songs only limited by imagination. Now knowing Fenrir hail from Sydney, one could easily think that they could come from Sweden, Norway or some mystical world full of dragons and vikings.

Breaking up the songs are interludes like Hlidsjkalf which is an epic sound scape worthy of any Lord of the Rings movie. Just don't ask me to pronounce it, I'd stuff it up royally.

One of my favourite tracks is Moongorger this is an instrumental piece highlighting the musicianship of Fenrir. Vocally I like Beserker - the range he gets to is remarkable.

All up Loki's Slaughter is really different to a lot of the albums I have heard recently, fitting more the likes of Eluveite, Ensiferum and Finntroll. It is a metal album played a frenetic pace with atmosphere and really clever intelligent lyrics. Fenrir are a really cool band taking on a gap left in the Australian metal scene and stamping their swords into the throne.

And for those who aren't fully convinced there is a song for you, aptly titled Heavy Fucking Metal... nuff said.

Loki's Slaughter

Reviewed by Adrian 'Dren' Barham

Loki's Slaughter has been released in 2016. Fenrir are from Australia.

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